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These gardens are dedicated to “POPPI”, my dad who passed away on his 89th birthday, 2008.

Poppi single handedly built, maintained, planted, watered, weeded, mowed and cleaned the entire property until 2006 when stage 4 Alzheimer’s made it difficult for him to function.

 Now I am taking over my father’s jobs and can barely fill even half his shoes or follow in half  his footsteps

Thank you Poppi  for the 958,356,255, 122 leaves that you raked in my yard.

Thank you for the 10,452 trees and plants you watered,  the 1,222 ,001 weeds you pulled  from my garden…and  the1,921  times you mowed my lawn with the beat up 1972 Cub Cadet

Thank you for the 130 pitchers of Frozen Mango margaritas that we shared this year in my truck … looking at girlie magazines and smoking cigars.  The things you do for your father.

Thank you for the 42 Sundays, the 7,209 hours and the 7 minutes that you let me take care of you at my home

Thank you for the 822 times you took my face in your hands and kissed me.

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